Google Home Mini Mount

With Google Home Mini.JPG
With Google Home Mini.JPG

Google Home Mini Mount

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With this mount you can expect a fully functional, imperfect, and generically packaged product!

This is an original design 3d printed by me in my basement.

If you're ok with that, proceed to checkout!

If it's in stock, it means I actually have at least one on hand to ship.

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What's included:

  • Mount for Google Home Mini

What may also be included:

  • Mounting screw with wall anchor (80% chance)
  • Reused packaging material (99% chance)
  • Random piece of plastic from my work area (75% chance)

What's not included:

  • Google Home Mini
  • Power cord for Google Home Mini
  • My tools, parts of my house, and furniture seen in photos

Geeky details

  • Material: PETG
  • Print temp: 245c
  • Bed temp: 70c
  • Infill: 30%

Note: Humans at Google probably don't even know I exist and no one from Google has endorsed this design in any way.