Born in 1980, my life experience bridges the gap between "Gen-Xers" and "Millennials." I know how to use a rotary phone as well as the latest mobile devices. I came of age as the internet first took hold yet clearly remember what life was like before it existed. In my opinion, tech specific terms can be quite useful, but only if they make the conversation clearer and everyone involved already knows the terminology. Don't use a big word when a little one will work.

Business Philosophy

Your time is valuable. My time is valuable. I charge flat rates for the use of my time no matter the job. I've helped clients with everything from video production to website design and email migration. I have a broad set of skills and I typically take on work that I can complete myself or with the assistance of close friends and business associates with whom I already have longstanding relationships.


I am quite comfortable with Google products and with Adobe products including InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects. I'm fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I founded the internet startup Wylio with a couple good friends in 2010 and I handle project management and negotiations for our personal real-estate investments. My wife Rachel is an author and blogger. I've taken care of her website, technology, and video production needs since the start of her career in 2007 and have a good sense of the needs of authors and their industry.


I make it a point to provide high quality personal attention to every client I work with. In order to provide this I purposefully limit the number of clients I serve and projects I take on. I typically find new people to work with by word of mouth through friends, family, and current clients. If you have a project you need completed, feel free to contact me. However, please understand that I am unable to respond to all requests.