Technology and media Consulting

I enjoy taking complicated concepts, cutting through the noise, and expressing ideas as meaningful communication. With over 15 years of experience working in media and technology, from software development to video production, I have a broad knowledge of how these different fields work together. I can also provide marketing ideas and brand strategy suggestions.

Video editing and Production

You can expect me to handle basic video editing and production needs including special effects like keying and motion graphics. I understand lighting, framing, exposure, and have a decent handle on continuity and editing theory as well as digital video compression.

Website Creation and MANAGEMENT

For creating and managing new Web sites I use Squarespace exclusively. I will listen to your needs and present to you a fully functioning site ready to launch with an interface that allows you to manage content updates. I'll track my time during the process and you won't pay for my services until you're completely satisfied with the work. If you have a problem with an existing site, Squarespace or not, I may still be able to help.