6 Futuristic Things That Exist Today

As a kid in the '80s - '90s I enjoyed watching Beyond 2000, a documentary style syndicated TV show about the kinds of gadgets that would be part of everyday life in the near future. (Usually "5-10 years..." )

We've long since passed the millennium marker and I'm slightly disappointed we don't have ubiquitous flying cars. Instead, our technological revolution has been more the availability, organization, and accessibility of information. You know, tubes of internet data.

But all is not lost. The gadgets are coming, and some are already here.

1) Tesla Model S
long range electric car

2) Google Glass
wearable HUD for everyday life

3) 3D Printing
upload design, get product

4) Lytro Camera
light field camera that lets you focus later

5) Bionic Eye
FDA approved sight prosthetic 

6) MYO
muscle triggered gesture control

So the "future" we're living in may not be exactly as envisioned by '80s television, but it's an exciting time nonetheless. Thanks to Josh for inspiring this article with a post about a few of these cool gadgets on Google+.

Are there any gadgets you'd add to the list?