One Step to Becoming a Better Blogger

I'm not exactly an exemplary blogger. I've started a blog before, and let it get stale. And then again, and lost interest. I've got great blogging advice for Rachel mind you, but taking my own advice? Meh. It's too much work.

For this blog I'm going to test out a new strategy for one of the most difficult areas I run into while blogging: Posting Regularly

There's lots of ways to improve a site, blog or otherwise. I've got the head knowledge, and the practical experience for the behind-the-scenes technical side of things, and lots of opinions on what makes a good site. Now I'm going to attempt to put it all into practice.

So the one-step-strategy? Well, it's simple. After finishing one post, I'm going to make sure I have at least one new post started, unfinished, and saved. It's important that I leave it unfinished, but not in a place that I'm stuck. In other words, I could finish it, but I don't. We'll see how it goes.